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This site began as a way for folks who are online in the Gay Cowboy Chat rooms to get together for the IGRA Gay rodeos throughout North America. With over 100 folks showing up at some of our HomoRodeo.com Mixers, it's been a great success. Mixers will be planned for select cities, and general hootenanny is guaranteed. Don't be shy... let us know which rodeos you plan to attend!

Phoenix, AZ
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Date Location
Feb 12 - 14 Phoenix, AZ

Apr 29 -
May 1

Dallas, TX
May 6 - 8 Palm Springs,
May 27 - 29 Oklahoma City, OK

July 1 - 3

Calgary, AB, Canada
July 8 - 10 Denver, CO
July 29 - 31 Minneapolis-
St. Paul, MN
Aug 12 - 14 Santa Fe, NM
Sept 2 - 4

Kansas City, MO


Sep 9 - 11

San Francisco, CA
Sep 16 - 18 Sacramento, CA
Oct 21 - 23 World Gay Rodeo Finals
- Las Vegas, NV

Nov 2016 IGRA Convention


clearPast Rodeos of 2016
Jan 15 - 17 IGRA University,
Tucson, AZ



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Last updated August 18, 2015
Note: Appearance or mention of any person living or dead on this web site does not confirm one's sexual orientation. For more details about gay cowboys and gay cowgirls please check out the IGRA web site. This site is dedicated to those who love the cowboy life. Some of our members are cowboys and some are not. Some dream of living on a ranch and working the land. Some merely dream of cowboy butts and rodeos! Some have grown up living on a farm wearing Wranglers, jeans and boots. Some have wrangled cattle, worked as ranch hands, lived in a bunkhouse. Some still do! If you have an interest in the cowboy way join our site and enjoy the many FREE benefits of being a member.
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