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2017: Men of HomoRodeo.com Calendar


HomoRodeo.com® is proud to announce our 2017 "Cowboy HeART" charity calendars. As always, our charity calendars serve as fund raising events to help support and promote Gay Rodeos. 2017 "Cowboy HeART" is the freshest in our series of cowboy full nude images from the Men of HomoRodeo.com calendars!

2017 "Cowboy HeART" charity calendar is a fully nude charity calendar designed to promote gay rodeos and support our rodeo contestants!

This will be our 13th HomoRodeo.com® charity calendar! We continue to donate proceeds from the sale of our Men of HomoRodeo.com charity calendars to help promote Gay Rodeos and help sponsor our contestants to participate in Gay Rodeos.

ATTENTION Rodeo associations: HomoRodeo.com® donated an ADDITIONAL 25% back to those Rodeo Associations who sold them as fund raisers!

We are proud to have our PREVIOUS calendars from 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011 and 2010 COMPLETELY SELL OUT. We do NOT reprint calendars.

Every year we get emails from folks who order their charity calendars asking WHERE IS MY CALENDAR. ... Allow 2 weeks delivery in the US.

Calendar Signing EVENTS - MEET the calendar men!

HomoRodeo.com® would like to thank all of our members who've helped and worked so diligently on our calendars. Everyone took time off from their busy schedule to travel, coordinate, model and make these very unique calendars happen!

From the bottom of our hearts THANKS FOR RIDING FOR OUR BRAND! Horse running

Your HomoRodeo.com® team:
Harley, Randy, Sam & Patrick

Back order calendars here while supplies last.

Limited Edition
"Cowboy HeART" charity calendars

Please allow up to 2 weeks delivery.

Orders ship from Lupine Enterprises, LLC (not HomoRodeo.com®) in a plain white 12x12 envelope for protection... and so your calendar is CRISP and NEW.

2017 Cowboy HeART Charity Calendars (Full Nude)

OR you can send your Check/Money orders to us at:

Lupine Enterprises, LLC
P.O. Box 643
Victorville, CA 92393-0643
(*calculate shipping by clicking "Add to Cart" button.)

Our 2017 "Cowboy HeART"charity calendars make great HOLIDAY gifts!

-As a gift it lasts all year long
-help support our gay rodeos
-helps sponsor rodeo contestants
-Professionally photography in the great outdoors around the United States of America

-100% Photographed, Designed, and Printed in the United States of America




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The above information is provided courtesy of your host, HarleyDeuce.


Last updated March 7, 2018
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