About Us

HomoRodeo.com began as a way to help bring folks together from the Gay.com Cowboy chat room. We've now expanded to AOL.com, BigMuscle.com, Yahoo.com, BigMuscleBears.com, Bear411.com, and several other free online profile sites.

We meet up at the Gay rodeos and have a mixer generally on the first Friday of the rodeo weekend, eat vittles and cohort in the stands. Many of the folks here are also participants in the rodeo.

It's been a great success. With each rodeo more and more fellas from around the country are jumpin' on the bandwagon and kicking back with us.

If you've never been to a gay rodeo, yer in for a treat. There's plenty to see and do during the day, with events starting 'bout noon, drinks, vendors, food and sometimes entertainment - from karaoke, two-stepping, line-dancing and more. When the day's done, there's gonna be a packed Country-Western bar to bend elbows and shake yer booty.

Most rodeos have a "host hotel" where most of the cowboys and ranch hands from the rodeo hang their hat. Don't fret if you find No Vacancy, there's often better deals and hotels in all the areas. Often the hotel is where the awards ceremony takes place and shuttles run to the rodeo.
Check each chapter's site to find out specific details on events and accommodations.

Almost a decade after my first rodeo, this site continues to grow and more and more hot men from the rooms are coming out to these events.