Illinois Gay Rodeo Association

For people in Illinois who like rodeo and would like to hear news from the Illinois Gay Rodeo Association (ILGRA). Some of us were at a Windy City Rodeo in the past and it would be fun to rodeo one more time. We want to get news out to people who are downstate. While ILGRA has primarily been the Chicago area, we want to move beyond the Windy City. There may be a regional rodeo in the future for the Midwest, a weekend of rodeo and camping.
by leojeans , Oct 4 2014 at 08:44pm
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Gay Games Gay Rodeo

Gay Rodeo events have been held at previous Gay Games. Then, in 2014, Gay Rodeo was part of GG9 in Cleveland/Akron, OH, Summit County Fairgrounds August 10-11, 2014. Gay charity rodeo sanctioned by Intl. Gay Rodeo Assoc.
Looking ahead, there will be no rodeo at Gay Games 10 in Paris, cause, well, how would we do that? For 2022, Gay Games is down to 3 finalists: Hong Kong, Guadalajara, Mexico and Washington DC, USofA. These are the cities which Gay Games will decide between at GG10 in 2018 in Paris. While there was interest from other bidding cities, like San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Denver, Dallas, Austin, we hope Washington DC will have the same interest and add gay rodeo GG10.
by leojeans , Jan 27 2014 at 04:05pm
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Biker cow boy

Cow boy with passion for riding motorbike and travelling throughtout US.
Cow boy who love riding motorbike during holidays and free time.
by leojeans , May 6 2012 at 01:28am
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Grew up on a farm

For all of us who grew up on a farm..are still on a farm.. or wish they could get back to the farm..

We are a special breed who know what it is like to have animals who depend on us for food, shelter, and care! Be it cattle, hogs, horses, or some strange breed of bird. Lets share our stories
by leojeans , Oct 17 2010 at 11:44am
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Cow boys who like particularly leather plays and chaps, jackets, hats, vests, armbands, harnesses, gloves, jocks, belts, caps, boots and so on.
Cow boys with lovely tattoos are welcomed.
by leojeans , Feb 20 2012 at 06:00am
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Photos of cow boys who like dressing traditional american fashionable hats, jeans and boots, chaps only.
It would be particularly appreciated provide for best pictures.

You can describe impressions about jeans, hats, boots, belts, buckles, bandanas, saddles, cow boy sexy appeal and so on.
by leojeans , Jan 28 2012 at 12:14pm
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Dancing Cowboys

Just cowboys that know how to move on hardwood floors and 2 step to some great country music while enjoying the company of hot men who love life and rodeos.
by leojeans , Jun 12 2010 at 08:09pm
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