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Jun 18 2010 at 10:53am
Hey guys.. I have really enjoyed this site and started out way back when it was just a place for us at to have a connection when we went to rodeos.. We used our id's but now here we are more than just This is a community and a place to keep in touch with cowboys we have met at rodeos or new friends we have never met ..or ones we have met and enjoy talking to. I am stuck down here in Arizona and would rather be back in MIssouri. I have meet some really good friends here. It aint all about hooking up. If you want that then you can go to or suck my heck maybe you can find that here! I don't want to judge anyone less I be judged myself.

I paid the bucks to be Gold. I can tell you I have paid and got nothing for it. So why not pay something here.. heck.. send Harley a donation of any kind I am sure he will take it.. They really do their best at trying to keep the site free. I have been to many free sites and after a few messages you are locked out. The costs of those sites are a lot more and if you don't pay you get notices that you have messages but you can't get them. This is one of the BEST Free sites that actually let you do things.. chat.. message..say howdy..and look at the pics..

Yes.. I am sold on and hope you become sold too! I now have me a new partner to spend time with and soon I hope to have pics of him and me on here. So... singles.. partners.. groups.. whomever.. come on.. join up..say hey..and help keep the site up and running! And is still free.. but for those of us who can afford a few bucks a year.. why dont we help out the other cowboys who can't... I challenge each of you to think about that.. have you been in the place where a buck was more than you had? Then.. now that you have $10.. lets help out our cowboy buddies!

Just my opinion...

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