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Background Information

Jun 26 2010 at 11:09pm
I grew up in the SF Bay Area but understand the value of good clean country living. My father grew up on a ranch in central Oregon so I guess being out in the country it is in my blood.

I grew up with a younger brother and sister and every summer my father would take us back to the family homestead for summer break. This was our vacation so to speak. As Summer came to an end we would come home from the ranch and go back to school to hear about other kids going on about DisneyLand and other places they when for vacation. Our family was not the type to spend money on such lavish adventures and to be honest deep down I wished those summers would never end.

My dad took good care of us, We did not have a lot of money but we never went without food, clothes and a roof over our heads. We certainly had more than he did growing up, with five brothers and sisters in a two room house without indoor plumbing and electricity. Electricity was added later and a second house was built with an indoor bathroom and a shower. The outhouse is now gone, both the houses still are standing and I wish I could be there right now.

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