JedRyan: ON THE ROAD TO "MEN OF HOMORODEO.COM 2018" Part 1...!


May 3 2017 at 11:45pm
Howdy, guys! Jed Ryan here.

I have lived and worked in New York City my entire life. It's a love/hate relationship-- and sometimes, the love and the hate can come in the same day. An example is a great "night out on the town" followed by a long, lousy subway ride home. I love the fact that there's something to do in NYC every night of the week-- and, often, there are MANY different things competing for attention: a Leather or Bear event, an off-Broadway show, and a B-list celebrity meet-and-greet all in the same night, for example. In New York there's an endless choice of things to see, places to go, and people to hang with-- and, of course, there are many hot men who left their sexual inhibitions back in their small hometown when they moved here ! But of course, there's also the flip-side. New York is noisy, crowded, and expensive. Trying to find a quiet spot to yourself is sometimes difficult. There are definitely a few places where you can temporarily "get away"-- like Central Park-- where you can take in some fresh air, enjoy "the sound of silence", and appreciate the beauty of the outdoors. But you have to really make an effort to do so. Most of us living in the cities are just way too far removed from nature.

In this hectic, loud, busy urban jungle, it's easy to forget that there's a whole world outside of the concrete bubble of the Big Apple. One of my personal goals in 2017 and beyond is to bust that bubble and see the rest of America. Not just the big cities, but the REAL America: the vast area between the coasts. When I first became a member of, it was such an awakening to connect with so many hot and fun (and definitely REAL!) men from so many states that I haven't yet visited. In the Leather community, which I've been a part of since 2006, we are indeed a family. If one guy is visiting another city, he can always contact another Leatherguy and find out the bars, clubs, and other essential hotspots-- and almost always, a guy will always put his visiting brother up for a night or two. In 2017, we connect through social media-- but if we're lucky enough, we get to eventually meet our virtual friends in person. This is what I hope for in the next year as I venture into some previously unexplored territory!

When I saw the "Men of" 2017 calendar for the first time, I was blown away by the raw sexuality and by the photographer's eye for capturing traditional masculinity in all its hot and hairy splendor. Lots of guys have fantasies about cowboys, and it's not hard to know why: From hat to boots, the cowboy is a strong, independent, and unapologetically rebellious image of manhood. But what made the calendar so amazingly sexy for me (aside from the obvious !) is that the men-- in all their naked, testosterone-soaked glory-- are real members of I've always found real men to be much sexier than models. I even knew two of the guys in the calendar, Dan and Todd, who are members of the Leather community and are busy activists for the LGBT world at large. I interviewed the two extensively for The Huffington Post about their life together, which you can read here. In New York City, there is so much male erotic imagery present in the windows of bookstores, at newsstands, in ads, and at gay venues. Combine that with all we see on the Internet every day, and it's easy to think we've "seen it all". Even the horniest among us can get jaded. But the "Men of" calendar singlehandedly sent my libido to new heights -- and gave me faith that printed erotica can make a long-overdue comeback. I even tried to get some of the calendars from previous years, but couldn't get any. (As the website warns us, they sell out quickly! Hint hint...) I wanted all lovers of male beauty and aficionados of country-western culture to learn more about the calendar and about the gay rodeo scene, so I interviewed Homorodeo's handsome "cat herder" Harley Deuce for the Huffington Post. It was a fascinating and very educational conversation... which you can read here!

My involvement with and the gay rodeo culture at large soon would soon go another step further. Stay posted for Part 2... and stay sexy, gentlemen!

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