GingerRon77: well this is new to me

well this is new to me

May 4 2017 at 11:03pm
well I will be in on journey to the road that god put on me I am in the hospital well heart not functioning right well testing then blood work well on hold wait of the heart and more then soon as well I will be laid up and more wish me luck part of my life I am 40 years old the I will be an Mormon member I got an person I been interested with and such then plus too hes been living with me and helping me through out I love this guy with my whole heart however I got health issues and hes got health issues and I got a question how much faith will take to realize to say that you fall in love with someone then challenges pop up then your realize that you on faiths journey like your travel with your partner and such you go your ups and downs and such then there for the long haul then to realize that you love someone then others want you in your pants however then to marry the man and you finally get to settle down with and say I love you then you cry each night and how much faith does it with god and what experices that you had and such then if you choose to be when the faith that you together

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