May 11 2017 at 02:13am
So where were we?

When I saw the uncensored photos from the Men of fundraising calendar series for the first time, it sent me to a new level of sexual awakening. It was like going through a second puberty, only this time I knew what to do with it. WOOF! It's worth noting that the creators of the annual calendar go through great lengths to keep the full frontal pics exclusive for those who actually BUY the calendar. For the lucky gents who eventually do get their hot hands on a copy, it makes the "big reveal" oh-so-worth-it! (Trust Jed!) The men shown in the 12 tantalizing months inside the covers were everything I found sexy in other guys. The photos, of course, were amazing. But what was the hottest of all was how the photographers managed to capture the REAL spirit behind their tanned, rugged flesh and the inviting smiles. The attitude of the models was unapologetically masculine and self-assured, yet from the look in their eyes it's clear that these all-American boys were also eager to please their audience. They were confident and strong, while also willing to nakedly submit to our viewing pleasure. The 2017 calendar was a real scorcher-- for the first time, showing BOTH sides of the models. As an admirer of both the front and the back views of the male form, I was-- needless to say-- VERY happy! I even tried to get some of the back calendars from previous years, but as the site warns us, they sell out quickly. I did manage to get the 2010 calendar, "Cowboy Heart". That year's theme focused on photos of sexy cowboys in pairs, trios, and even more! With many of the shots set against some authentic country settings, the photos combined the organic setting of natural beauty alongside some seriously testosterone-fueled sexual intensity. The combination was explosive.

Harley Deuce (If you're not friends with this guy, you should be!) and I were speaking about the calendars as well as the national gay rodeo scene over the phone. He reminded me that the function of the Men of calendars was more than just to titillate the viewer and to set cowboy-loving hearts on fire. All the proceeds from the calendar series went to help raise money and awareness for the national gay rodeo scene and the GLBTQ country-western lifestyle. It's a scene which sometimes doesn't get as much visibility as it should, largely because the mainstream GLBTQ media tends to focus so much on our urban brothers and sisters. Erotica for a cause? What could be better?! Harley asked me if I had ever even been to a gay rodeo. I admitted that I hadn't-- and that the closest I'd been to riding a bull was riding the mechanical bull at the famous bar Johnny Utah's in New York City for actor Gerald McCullouch's birthday party a few years ago. It was a party, incidentally, where the guests included the original cowboy of the Village People, Randy Jones, as well as New York City's most famous cowpoke of all: The Naked Cowboy! Harley had a good laugh at that one. I don't know who brought it up first-- me or him-- but during our interview, the subject of my actually being a model in an upcoming Men of calendar came up. My initial "fear", if you wanna call it that, wasn't whether I wanted to it (I did! ) or whether I had any anxieties about being naked (I didn't! ). However, I wanted to make sure that I could (1) continue the true mission of, and (2) continue to arouse both the imagination and, uhm... other parts, of all who bought the calendar-- in the same way the years of previous models had done with me and with so many other fans. Let's put it another way: I wanted to make y'all proud! I didn't want to be like a rugby player who's waiting on the bench only WATCHING his brothers play hard and rough on the pitch. I wanted to get down and dirty. That included getting out into the rodeo scene.

Fast forward to May. I have two gay rodeos lined up. One is this coming weekend in Palm Springs, a city which I fell in love with after visiting in 2016. I look forward to meeting all you hot men who I've chatted with on this site. I'll have my camera on me, so all of you better look purty! It will also be weekend of my photo shoot for the Men of 2018 calendar auditions-- so wish me luck!

I am as happy as a black-footed ferret ion a field of prairie dogs!

Stay tuned for more...!

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