JedRyan: ON THE ROAD TO "MEN OF HOMORODEO.COM 2018", Part 3...


May 27 2017 at 12:11am
It was easy to decide WHAT I'd be wearing for the Men of 2018 calendar model tryouts: a cowboy hat, boots, and maybe a smile. It wasn't an easy choice to decide WHERE I'd be going to do the shoot. Many of the cities that we had to choose from as potential models were places I'd never been, although they are all on my list of places to see in the future as I launch my quest to see ALL of America. The cities that were offered to us included Dallas, Las Vegas, and Kansas City. But I ultimately decided on Palm Springs, California. As anyone who has been to Palm Springs knows, it's an amazing place: a piece of GLBT paradise in the desert. Palm trees everywhere you look. Ice-capped mountains in the distance. Even the occasional vacant lot sprouting with tropical shrubbery managed to be a sight for sore eyes when you come from a concrete jungle like New York City. There were fun things to do seven days a week. And of course, there were LOTS of hot men in cowboy hats roaming the streets. After all, the Palm Springs Hot Rodeo was in town the weekend I was going! (More about that later...). The minute I arrived, I knew I made the right choice. Plus, I did have two friends in Palm Springs, and they were famous. Really. One was a former "boy-toy" assistant of the late Liberace, and another was the secret lesbian lover of the late 1950's blonde sex goddess Joi Lansing. Do I have friends in high places or what? They were both spewing endless stories about old Hollywood, which of course suited Palm Springs culture perfectly. But I am a firm believer in business before pleasure in ALL aspects of life. So, even though these three days in paradise were a getaway for me, the main reason I was there was to honor my commitment to the photoshoot. As I said before, if I would eventually be selected as one of the lucky models, I wanted the photos to be the best possible. My temperature went up about 20 degrees when I first received my copy of The Men of Homorodeo,com 2017 calendar in the mail. I want anyone who buys a copy of the 2018 edition to have the same effect.

Luckily for me, I was working with an A-list photographer. Saturday morning, 9AM, was the photo shoot (As a night person, I'm normally just going to sleep at that hour!) The photographer Kristofer Reynolds and I were friends on social media but we had not yet met in person. If you've ever seen photos of him or met Kris in person, you already know that he's a hot, fit, muscular, man. One of his biceps can feed a family of four in Albania for a week. But in addition to that, he's supremely talented. I'd seen his sexy photos before, and I really admired his work. I know a LOT of photographers in New York who do male erotic art. The same model can be photographed by 10 different artists, and every one of those photographers will have their own vision of the model. Some take a darker, more moody tone. Others aim for a more direct, sharply focused look. Still others go for a gauzy soft focus-- maybe trying to replicate that hypnotic feeling you have when you're just waking up next to a hot guy in bed who has that pulsating morning erection just underneath those sheets. (Whoa!!!) But anyway... Kris Reynolds was a real pro. As an amateur photographer myself, I know that there are things you need to remind a model to do to get the best photo: Stick your chest out. Throw your shoulders back! Suck in the stomach! As another photographer who specializes in male nudes (Richard Yates) once told me, "Asses are hard to photograph." I laughed at that for a long time, but learned it was true: The ass has to be angled just the right way to look great in pictures. Now, whenever I see a photo of a naked guy, I always pay special attention to the guy's butt and whether or not the photographer "got it right" to show off the guy's best, uhm... ass-ets.

My only request to Kristofer was to crank up the heat. Cold air can have an adverse effect on a naked photo shoot, for obvious reasons! And, of course, no guy would ever want to be photographed naked unless his pride and glory is displayed to its maximum effect. That said, it was explained to me that the goods couldn't be "standing straight up" either Put another way: On a scale of happiness from 1 to 10, with 1 being "unhappy" and 10 being the "most happy", we were aiming for a 5 to a 7. I ain't to modest to say that I think I achieved that goal Hopefully you'll get to see for yourself come 2018!

The photoshoot was soon over, and Kris and I parted ways. I thanked him profusely for making the shoot so professional, so relaxed, so smoothe, and so fun! The "work" part of the weekend was over, but the fun was just about to start. Off to my first rodeo!

Stay tuned for more, gents!

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