RodeoRob: Ride Cowboy Ride

Ride Cowboy Ride

Mar 13 2018 at 12:00pm
well howdy everyone I hope everyone is having a great week so far, I am just waiting for My start date for Harrahs on the Strip but I am always trying to earn extra money, so also looking for part time work in local stables or farms in Nevada area, I think I will be working till the day I die as I need to work, I love living in the area we do in Las Vegas near Lake mead as mountains in our back yard and beautiful sunsets, I am always looking to meet new cowboys in Nevada and Arizona I am on Twitter as Rodeo Rob also or you can also find me by putting in nicengay2 My hubby is also on Twitter he is VegasBrad143 he is from West Palm Beach me I am from London I am the British Cowboy, crazy thing is my ancestors came from Ohio but not sure which one, but they did start Ripleys believe it or not, My old man use to say I was born in the wrong country as I was born on 5th of July in Chester UK but it was still the 4th of July in USA I took on My hubbys name of Nance but My surname was Washington I always felt a love for the USA so in many way I feel like I came home, any way that is plenty of rambling from me for today but come find me on Twitter just look for Rodeo Rob or nicengay2 and I finally got my hubby on twitter as he can not work as bad heart so at least twitter will keep him stimulated look for him also VegasBrad143 he is the red neck Floridian

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