RodeoRob: Cowboy Friday

Cowboy Friday

Mar 16 2018 at 01:25pm

well its another Friday and I am so ready to start My New Job at Harrahs Las Vegas, I had my uniform fitting yesterday as I will be Bellman so first person gusts and customers will see, I know I will love this job as I love to talk, I love to walk, I love to work hard, I would love to be a property Manager of an Old Ghost town and do tours and speak but for now this is a good job, plus will give me days off where I and Brad My husband can go hiking out at Lake Mead Nevada, we also want to go check some of the ghost towns like Bonnie Springs and Gold Point in Nevada and there is quite a few in California and Arizona I would love to see also, I Love to explore and Love History that is why public speaking as tour guide in a Ghost Town would be awesome for me but working in the Bell Desk at Caesars is going to be great for me as I will meet so many people, so if you see me please come say Howdy, wish I could wear my cowboy hat mind you, well I am going to wish Y'all a happy and safe weekend and remember come and join me at Twitter I am Rodeo Rob there as well although to search for me you will need to put in nicengay2 I am also trying to convince Brad My hubby to Join or re-join HomoRodeo so why not befriend him on Twitter he is VegasBrad143 I finally got him on to twitter and he is starting to enjoy it so now need some sexy cowys from here to befriend him and convince him to join HomoRodeo as well. bye for now and take care my friends

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