RodeoRob: Ghost towns

Ghost towns

Mar 21 2018 at 11:21am

I hope everyone is having a great week so far, I have been for uniform measuring and also did My Processing and they explained the union system to me that is with the Casino where I will be working on Las Vegas strip, I love to work and I need to work as well, as I am the only income really as My hubby has a bad heart and can not work so he gets his medical payments from medicare, but any way so I can not wait to start work and start to bring in the $$, I am going to take some on line classes as well for Property Managment as its what I did in London at the Royal apartments and so would be good to get the American certificate and do it here, My Love is Country Music I am country music I was born in Cheshire in the UK and grew up there as well, around farms, fields, cattle and manure LOL, then I was with the Navy in Portsmouth where I worked in a Military Hospital, then I worked in London at the Royal Apartments next to Tower Bridge, I also love Rodeos and go to as many as I can when they come into Las Vegas Valley, but one of My Passions is History of the Wild West and Ghost towns, I try to see how much it is to by a Ghost Town in Nevada not that I have the money but out of interest as I would love to buy one, restore it and open it up as a vacation spot where no cell phones allowed, lap tops only in the room and where every meal is what they would have eaten back then, where everyone dresses up in period clothing and the saloon and shows and shops and so on would be exactly how it would have been in that ghost town. may be one day I will get hire to manage one and to tours around the place and talk of its history, any way that is plenty of rambling from me for the day, the picture is Gold Point Ghost Town in Nevada they are on the internet and they are always looking for Volunteers to help cook when they have events so if any one can volunteer for Free get in touch with them or if your in the area why not go and explore this historical city of Gold Point at least the saloon is still open! remember I am on twitter as well just look for nicengay2 and you will find Rodeo Rob.

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