RodeoRob: Howdo


Mar 23 2018 at 04:07pm

Well its Friday and I am relaxing before I start My new job on the Las Vegas Strip on Monday, I would love to caretaker a ghost town out in Nevada, but hell I can dream, but back down to earth I am a worker and love to work in doors and out doors, so work is good for me, hell I would work 6 days a week, apart from a Wednesday as that is my Buffet day at green valley ranch Casino, My hubby ( VegasBrad143 on twitter) and I are about to start using the gym where we live, its free for us as part of the HOA fee, so we will be going on a healthier diet ( apart from Wednesday that will be a our naughty day buffet!) and start using the gym, any way I just wanted to come and say Howdy to y'all and wish everyone a happy weekend sending My Love your way, hey come find me on Facebook I am Rodeo Rob there also, I am Rodeo Rob on Twitter also although to find me on Twitter you will have to search nicengay2 then you will see me Rodeo Rob, hope everyone has a great weekend

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