RodeoRob: Ghost Story

Ghost Story

Mar 25 2018 at 01:34pm
This is a True Story that happened to me when I visited My Mother in Ellesmere Port.

I was had just spent a lovely Christmas Day with My mother, but had decided to get the National Express coach (Like Grey Hound in USA) back to London at 00:01 on the 26th ( in the UK that is Christmas Boxing day) so I left My mothers 20 minutes early and walked down to the bus station to get the Coach, I waited and waited and 00:01 had come and gone My mother had phoned to ask if I was on the Coach I said no, it had not come but would wait as I know it was coming as I had My seat booked and reserved as I know it was going be busy people going back to London for work as I was, any way it was cold it was dark and there was no one in sight, I was at the point of giving them a call when I saw two dark shadows walking in the car park of the Library across the road as they got closer to me they stopped and then I heard a mans and a women's voice shout Robert so I looked up and again they called My name, I shouted yeah, they called back the coach is coming over the Bridge now, I said okay, a few minutes later the coach did come around the corner and I got on and I saw the dark shadows by the wall and yet I could not make out their faces, but I had presumed it was My mother and Brother Jason, I called my Mother to thank her for letting me know about the coach coming so I was shocked when she said it was not her as she was in bed and my brother Jason was up in his room, I told her about the shadows and voices, as I was on the coach I thought about what had happened and then I realized how could they see the coach coming over the Westminster Bridge in Ellesmere Port as it was 2 miles away from the bus station and you could not see it from where I was stood, then it dawned on me the shadows was My Dad and My Grandmother Ripley who had died many years before, they had come to make sure I got on the coach safely.
growing up I would say things and see people that would disappear and when I told my Parents and the staff in the Kids home where I lived ( Quillets & Bunbury House in Ellesmere Port) they would at me with shock and say how do you know that, they always said I was a bit psychic I even dream't of MY granny Ripley passing away and where she would be buried and 2 weeks later I was at her funeral and I recall telling my mother now do you believe the dream I had as here we are at Nan's Funeral but that is another story.

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