RodeoRob: Ghost hunting

Ghost hunting

Mar 31 2018 at 03:11pm

I have always been interested in ghosts since I saw My first ghost at the age of 9 years old back in the UK, People have called me a sensitive for years as I have seen things ( ghosts or shadows or voices when there was no one there) I love to watch ghost Adventures and ghost Hunters and Most haunted but thing is they use all this equipment, I was thinking what if I was to form a ghost hunt gang where you just went in with a simple camera and video camera and voice recorder no fancy special equipment and see what you can catch there is over 100 abandoned ghost towns in the west area of USA Nevada, Arizona or California and Utah would be great to form a Gay Cowboy ghost hunting team call it Gay Ghost Gang and go to these abandoned ghost towns and ghost hunt day time and then over night to see what you can catch. any one else into the supernatural ?

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