RodeoRob: Ghost town Cowboy

Ghost town Cowboy

Apr 22 2018 at 06:19pm

I have always believed in Ghosts and love to explore old ghost towns and watch ghost hunting shows, in the West surrounding Las Vegas where I and My husband live there is over 100 old Wild West Ghost Towns, I would love to explore them all by day and then Ghost hunt at night, in fact I keep tweeting Ellen and ABC and Travel Channel and History Channel and even the sexy Zak Bagan of Ghost Adventures saying it would be a great show a Gay British Guy like me introducing a show where I and others go to each and every ghost town in the West and explore all the ghost towns and tell the history find out who lived there, what they did how they died and then ghist hunt at night, but with basic equipment like a camera and video camera and voice recorder and see what can be captured. Problem is of course money I need to work as My husband has a bad heart and I am the only one earning a wage there is not allot of income, I would love to do one of those go fund me pages but Brad is too Proud to ask for help even though we are in debt, I know we will pay it off and it will take a few years but I still try and get a TV host job as I know I would be perfect. I am on twitter as well cum find me Rodeo Rob if you put in nicengay2 you will find me quicker, if you know any one in Las Vegas looking for a caretaker or night time watcher of a museum or ghost town give them My name I am looking for a wage of at least $15 an hour mind you as the only income I need to earn and I am willing to work 60 hours a week if need be any shift, pity I am not better looking as I would become rent LOL

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