RodeoRob: Welcome to the Heat

Welcome to the Heat

Apr 27 2018 at 11:43am

well its starting to warm up in Las Vegas, it been in the 90's all week, its 9:30 am and already in the mid 80's , its a pity I can not walk around in just My boots and a Jock strap, well I have an interview today for a food runner at the Wynn where I work is great but insufficient hours, I work 2 may be 3 days a week, plus the pay is $15 an hour I was told it was $18 so for the part time hours they give me I need to earn $18 to make ends meet, well I am still waiting for My final 10 year green card after this one I can apply for My citizenship in a few years time, although all the fees we have had to pay has cost us just over $40,000 so far with lawyer fees, having to move and then the car blew up so we had to get a new one from carmax but it will all be worth it in the end, I am still applying for caretaker jobs of old Wild West Ghost Towns and even trying to find out who owns a motel at Lake Mead that is empty as wonder how much it will cost to re-open I would call it the Come Inn ( would love to call it the Cum Inn but have to be proper with the name) but the rooms would not have numbers they would all have names like John Wayne room, James Dean Suit and so on. any way hope y'all have a great day sending My love your way and remember any hole is a goal

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