RodeoRob: Do you Believe in Ghosts?

Do you Believe in Ghosts?

Apr 29 2018 at 09:53am

I have believed in Ghosts since I was young and I have seen a few as well and even heard them talk to me, I have always been interested in the paranormal and I have watched Most Haunted from the UK, Ghost Hunters and My favorite Ghost Adventures, once I start full time work I want to start a ghost hunting team, I would prefer all gay men in the group but will take what comes,it will be with basic equipment a camera, Film Camera nothing expensive and a voice recorder, there are over 100 ghost towns in Nevada, Utah, Arizona & California regions of the west, I have even wondered how does some one buy a ghost town, Ryholite in Nevada is a ghost town where there is a hotel, saloon, houses and would be great to buy it and open as a vacation spot where people will pay to come and live for 2 weeks back in the past, live like Pioneers, gold mining, eating and drinking like they did back then, the entertainment would be in the saloon or sat around a camp fire telling storys, listening to some one playing Banjo or guitar, there would not be any cell phones allowed, no laptops in the town, in fact there will be a office a mile away in an old barn where in case for emergency's there would be outside contact and for bookings as well, as folk arrive they would also park their vehicle in a Shed and then get on a cart and horse to bring them into town. but hey that is a pipe dream and back to reality I love ghost hunting, so would you go hunt or do you already?

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