RedHodeo: Salute to Original Gay Rodeos, Reno NV, est. 1976

Salute to Original Gay Rodeos, Reno NV, est. 1976

Mar 10 2019 at 04:23pm
The Pride March in NYC on June 30 will be the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riot. This march/Pride will be special, so two of u roping cowboys, me and Cowboy Bill will be in the march, doing our roping. We would like to recognize the beginning of gay rodeo. Bill is doing a banner (he's a pro), something to the effect of: Gay Rodeo, established 1976. We are looking for our HomoRodeo brothers that will be in NYC for Pride weekend to march with us. I am also looking for country western dancers and cloggers as we march with the gay square dancers. All of these were the components of the first gay rodeos, which Phil Ragsdale of the SF Imperial Court started as a fundraiser for a senior citizens Thanksgiving meal. Come join us as we put some country in the Stonewall 50 World Pride March.

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