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male, 65 y/o, Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States.
Join Date: Aug 26 2007
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Just an easy going country living man. Like the simple things in life.


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male, 67 y/o, Wellfleet, Massachusetts, United States.
Join Date: Jul 10 2010
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Long time horseman. Still show quarter horses, western pleasure. Rodeo days gone, need what's left of my body. Workout a lot, good for the mind and soul.


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male, 51 y/o, Lansing, Michigan, United States.
Join Date: Aug 31 2007
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I was the President of MIGRA from May of 2006 to March 2009.

We are currently looking for Volunteers for GMIR June 25-27 in Belleville MI.


couple, 60 y/o, Oakland, California, United States.
Join Date: Sep 15 2007
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We met at the old Rawhide in San Francisco in 1985 and we've been two stepping ever since. Married in Calgary '07 when we attended their rodeo. We celebrated our 31st anniversary on Sept 10th weekend of the SF Best Buck In the Bay Rodeo. Needless to say it wasn't our first rodeo. We thought we were being romantic when in our early years we would say "I want to grow old with you".Who knew?


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male, 62 y/o, Clifton, New Jersey, United States.
Join Date: Sep 1 2007
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Kinky bondage guy into leather among other things. The gear stays ON to have sex!

As long as one of us is tied up, well gagged, blindfolded, totally helpless, and completely dependent, I’ll be happy. Rope, cuffs, tape, or restraints are all fine as long as you can’t get free. I prefer bandanna gags but also use hoods, gas masks, and other implements to keep the bottom’s speech muffled and unintelligible. I don’t believe bondage has to be pretty to be functional.

I like to get into the head of my partner to find out what turns him on. Sex is usually not a part of the scene for me; it's the mental fuck which I much prefer. Clothing, especially jeans (501s and Wranglers), leather, gloves, and wallets are a big turn on. And there is nothing sexier than wearing my partner's clothes--even if they don't quite fit.


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couple, 57 y/o, Evergreen, Colorado, United States.
Join Date: Jan 23 2011
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Have been into the western lifestyle for many years. Love horseback riding, rodeos (especially bull riding!) and masculine cowboys!!



male, 63 y/o, Helena, Montana, United States.
Join Date: Jun 25 2009
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Just a regular kind of guy born and raised on a montana ranch/farm. Worked with, showed and broke horses growing up. Did my fair share of rodeoing on the PRCA circuit. I like to travel, see national parks, historical sites, and grow things. I just enjoy good conversation and a good night out, too. Looking for friends and what ever might happen. Give me a look over. Old but stilll like a good wine have only gotten better.


male, 54 y/o, Houston, Texas, United States.
Join Date: Aug 30 2007
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Live for dancing and meeting great guys. Down to earth,shy,considerate and passionate about life and friends.


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male, 51 y/o, Hampshire, Illinois, United States.
Join Date: Jan 10 2010
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im blond ,blue,goatee,mustache,5'10, smooth,195 and my partner is 5'11,salt/pepper mustache,195,very hairy we both love the outdoors,rodeo's, and quiet times at home, friends to party with around a campfire


couple, 55 y/o, Palm Desert, California, United States.
Join Date: Sep 15 2008
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We are a Happily Married Couple. I am originally from San Jose, Calif. We are looking for rodeo buddies to hang out with when possible Love Being around all of our friends in the different chapters. We do have an indoor rock climbing gym if anyone interested. WE ARE BACK AND VERY GLAD TO BE BACK! We are moving to palm Springs this summer! AND WE LOVE PALM SPRINGS RODEO!


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male, 62 y/o, Harvey, Illinois, United States.
Join Date: Feb 8 2014
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I am a very caring individual... I love all types of music, very little rap music-maybe 5%....I am honest and at times I can be very quiet. I love to make people laugh especially when they are down. I love public nudity... world naked bike ride... I AM CURRENTLY TRYING TO LEARN HOW TO SQUARE DANCE THROUGH THE CHI-TOWN SQUARES ( LOCATED IN CHICAGO ,ILLINOIS. ) I


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male, 45 y/o, Dallas, Texas, United States.
Join Date: Feb 28 2009
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Just seeing who and what are out there Tired of sitting at the rodeos, standing at the bar and going through life by myself.

I definitely have a thing for cowboys or even guys from the farm. I never could have horses growing up as I played the piano alot for contests and church and I was very good at track and field and football. My parents were afraid I would get hurt (even though we lived on 1000 acres in Illinois and if they only knew some of the things I did LOL).

When I graduated high school, I finally got to live my dream. I went to a junior college and got my Equestrian Science degree which included a year long stay at a horse show farm where I got to travel and show. I went on to finish at a 4 year college in TN and got my Agri business degree.

Came to TX with the fiance on spring break. Took her back to TN and dumped her as I was figuring things out. Been in TX ever since except for 4 years in Atlanta ( not sure what I was thinking but some damn hot bears there! ) Been back in TX for 11 years now, and still single!! LOL story of my life !