CWCole: Palm Springs Cowboy

male, 71 y/o Palm Springs, California, United States.

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  • Previous Member
    Nov 26 2016 at 02:35pm
    Love you in leather, you are one hot stud with your leather on. Love the outline of a bulge on your leather pants.
  • Jun 29 2014 at 09:45am
    Happy Birthday, Daddy Ric
  • Apr 24 2012 at 12:10pm
    Cole truly you like me
  • Feb 16 2012 at 03:05am
    Mr.Cole, Thank you very much for your friendship.

    Hugs , Leo
  • Nov 16 2011 at 04:04pm
    Mr Cole, :~)

    Thanks man for adding me as your Friend. Nice Guy!

    Best to you~ Friend *YES* Hugs, Doug
  • Previous Member
    Aug 12 2011 at 05:34pm
    Thanks for adding me as a friend!
  • Previous Member
    Jul 2 2010 at 05:12pm
    I'm liking the leather, Cole