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male, 58 y/o Rancho Mirage, California, United States.

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  • Mar 16 2018 at 01:02pm
    hey My friend I just wanted to stop by and say Howdy and thank you for becoming a friend, I try and get on here at least once a week, I am also on Facebook as Rodeo Rob and Twitter also as Rodeo Rob although on twitter its easier to find me by searching nicengay2
    I wanted to tell you a bit about Myself, I am Robert Nance My surname was Washington but when I married My Husband I changed his name to his surname, but I use Robert washington-nance allot of the time, I am originally from Chester in Cheshire in England UK and then worked in a Military Hospital in Portsmouth UK then went and worked at the Royal Apartment part of Tower Bridge in London, in 2012 when I was working My 12 hour night shift I clicked Like on Brad's Photo and that was that we stayed in Villa together in Orlando when I flew across and I use to fly back and forth at least 2 time a year but we spoke every day on Skype and then we got married in 2015 at Disney Orlando, now we live in Las Vegas, I work for Harrahs Casino as a Bellman although I would love to be a property manager for an old ghost town in Nevada, Arizona or California, I love for My country music and have over 100 cd's I also have signed autographs from allot of country stars like bellamy brothers, I Love Rodeos and we are at as many as we can we have been to 2 so far this year, I also love ghost hunting shows and would love to do that as well join Ghost Adventures or Ghost Hunters for a hunt, I Love hiking, I grew up around country side of Cheshire so I love ranching and getting dirty, I love films westerns, comedy, Horrors, Love History any way if there is anything else you want to know, Brad is not on here I only just got him onto Twitter, come and join me at twitter or facebook, hope to get to know you better