Montanacowboy: Montana Cowboy

35 day(s) ago
male, 71 y/o Helena, Montana, United States.

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  • Previous Member
    May 2 2017 at 11:17pm
    Hot sexy cowboy hot damn sexy
  • Dec 2 2016 at 02:29pm
    Thanks for the friendship add and thanks for letting me see all those hot photos. You two are a hot couple.
  • KMA
    Jul 7 2015 at 06:07pm
    Thank you very much for your comments
  • Jan 26 2015 at 09:39am
    besides when you men get back here love to get some of that BIG cock in that pic and ....nice ass there too stud! I'm just a big o"l pig that you men could use for the evening if you like! hehe
    I love servicing a HOTY fucking couple if they want! Just let me know STUD!
  • Oct 19 2014 at 03:45pm
    Hey stud from the pic of your big cock looks like either you need to cum here or I need to cum there so you can fuck this pig ass of mine. If you think you might like to rape this pig! Let me know stud! Dam hot pics there buddy. Love being fucked in a hot barn well hell you can fuck my pig ass anywhere stud any time! Keep in touch woof!
  • Sep 9 2014 at 04:58pm
    DAM stud, where do I collect on some of that riding equipment! love to ride the shit out of that cock cowboy! WOOF
    Daddy Ric
  • Jan 15 2013 at 10:48pm
    Hey Rich,
    How the hell you been doing. Long time no see. Love to chat again. Maybe plan on some camping this summer. We need to take more photos. Have that Cowboy Campout too!!

  • Jan 10 2012 at 06:19pm
    Thats my MAN
  • Oct 24 2011 at 09:35pm
  • Oct 15 2011 at 07:29am
    the campout looked interesting. Sure that you had a good time.
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