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male, 52 y/o Mountlake Terrace, Washington, United States.


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  • Feb 8 2018 at 05:48pm
    Hi Thanks for accepting My Friendship request, I am Robert Washington-Nance and I am from England UK originally, I am married to My American Husband Brad, we have been married now almost 3 years, we actually met on facebook, started to chat and as I was renting a villa in Orlando for 3 weeks I invited him to come and stay as he was from West Palm Beach, any way I flew back forth and we chatted every single day for hours and then in 2014 he got down on one knee at Down Town Disney and asked me to marry him, rite there by the lake, kit was very romantic, then August 2015 we got Married in at Down Town Disney on Our hotel room Balcony, surrounded By friends, We live in Las Vegas not from Lake Mead National Park, one day I want us to buy a home out there, Brad My Husband would like home brick and mortar, me I do not care if it’s a Caravan, Barn home, Log Cabin, Brick as long as it has a huge garden and neighbours are around ½ mile away so you have space and can enjoy the quietness of the beautiful surroundings, I am the British now American Cowboy, I have loved Country Music since I can recall, I Love to watch the Rodeos, PBR and IGRA, I love to where My Cowboy Hats & Boots and My tight jeans always feel good. I and hoping that Brad and I can meet some new friends in Nevada, Arizona, Texas, California, Utah, meet new friends at the Rodeos or a country concert in Vegas, he can not work due to health issues, although he does like to bowl ( he is looking for a gay or gay friendly bowling team to join) and we love to hike Red Rock Canyon and Lake Mead, Valley of Fire is on our list also. I Love Cowboys and anything western and we have decorated our home in Western style also, I work as a Concierge & security and hope to return to that soon in Las Vegas, but what I would love to do is work on a Ranch out in the open, I love to explore and love to look around ghost towns and see History, I am trying to tell you all about Myself if you ever have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me, I am honest and so will never bend the truth, so if you want a honest answer then ask away, well I am going to say bye for now take care and hope you have a great day. May be one day we can meet up for a drink and a bite to eat.
    I am also on Twitter as Rodeo Rob come and join me there also, I am on Trip Adviser and Have over 100 reviews and have been voted one of the best for travel reviews, May be one day I can do pod casts or you tube videos of My travels, I would love to have a travel show on TV may be on ABC and make it fun!

    Rodeo Rob ( Robert W Nance)