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male, 62 y/o New Haven, Connecticut, United States.

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  • Apr 26 2018 at 10:36am
    Well i have to say your gr8 looking guy, thanks for accepting My friend request, I'm Robert Washington Nance & Originally from England UK, I,ve been over in the USA now permanently almost 3 years, I met Brad My hubby on FB & we got married a few years later in 2015 at Disney Orlando, I use to work in London at Cayenne Court part of the Royal Apartments next to Tower Bridge,currently work on Las Vegas strip although I am trying to get a TV network to give me a show, I want to do a show where I a British gent go and explore all the old Wild West towns by day tell their history and then by night with basic equipment ghost hunt at night, I also apply for caretaker jobs of Ghost Towns as well in the West, I do Love ghost hunting shows & believe i can do just as good if not better, I love Rodeos & Live for Country Music, people seem shocked that British People love country music then again I think they expect every English man to like tea I prefer coffee & walk around a bowler hat I wear cowboy hats and baseball caps.I'm Married to Brad & well he can not work as he has had 5 heart by passes so is on medicare, so he takes care of the house, I am trying to get him to do bowling he loves it, I even bought him a new ball, any way I am also on Twitter as Rodeo Rob although to find me search nicengay2 I got Brad on to twitter also he is VegasBrad143 he needs some thing to stimulate his mind, I have not convinced him to use HomoRodeo yet I am faithful to him & do not mess around although when I see hunks like you I think wow drill me WOOF!! well that is it for now, oh we collect fridge magnets from all over the place and baseball caps. in fact if you put in my name Rodeo Rob in Youtube I have videos there any way that is me I hope your well and keep in touch, you are one sexy guy but keep that between you and me for now, would be great one day to meet up if your ever in Las Vegas, Brad would be there of course which means I have to behave myself what a pity as I want strip you naked and whisper hard and deeper.any way I have to be a good guy now, I'm married so for now take care and stay in touch . Rodeo Rob
  • May 2 2012 at 11:41am
    WOOF!!! damn sir, you look mighty fine in a white suit, better with no shirt. =-O
  • Apr 27 2012 at 02:36am
    Your Welcome I have not seen you at a rodeo in awhile :-(
  • Nov 5 2011 at 05:26pm
    Thank you for the donation for the Pancreatic Cancer Walk - you will always have a part of my heart - Pete
  • Nov 3 2011 at 08:25pm
    Hey stud...great seeing you on here. @}->--
  • Oct 29 2011 at 12:57am
    Miss you too sexy man! Let me know if you are going to make it to another rodeo.

    Don't be a stranger.

  • Dec 20 2010 at 02:42pm
    Now that is some sexy right here hot damn amazing *BRAVO*
  • Dec 17 2010 at 11:32am
    hi there stud' thank you for the add in''have your self a great weekend ''I am on face book if you like to see more''Ron Cedar''*KISSED*
  • Mar 16 2010 at 05:34pm
  • Previous Member
    Aug 5 2009 at 01:55pm
    this one is my kinda man for sure
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