farmhand59: Nothing fancy here - Just a hick from the sticks - the facts plain & simple

male, 60 y/o Downs, Illinois, United States.

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  • Oct 27 2012 at 01:36am
    nice pics..handsome man..makes me wonder what it would be like to kiss you :-)
  • Previous Member
    Jul 17 2011 at 08:17pm
    its best to get a hick from the sticks when you meet that one from where you came
  • Previous Member
    Jun 26 2010 at 05:43pm
    nice pics sir
  • Jun 6 2010 at 03:54pm
    Hello- YOU have some really nice photos in your profile- YOU are also a very handsome man too- Hope You are having a nice day-Mark:-)*THUMBS UP*