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male, 53 y/o, Houston, Texas, United States.
Join Date: Aug 30 2007
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Live for dancing and meeting great guys. Down to earth,shy,considerate and passionate about life and friends.


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male, 50 y/o, Lowell, Indiana, United States.
Join Date: Aug 28 2007
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Dairy farm hand in NWI


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male, 46 y/o, Jacksboro, Texas, United States.
Join Date: Aug 26 2007
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Easygoing guy that loves to attend Rodeos and NASCAR. Healthy undetectable POZ guy here. Cancer survivor also. I work as an oilfield truck driver and have limited time away from work. Keep thinking that one day I'll find that one person that completes me but still wondering if he actually exists. I work hard and play hard. Friends and family come first right now. However, I want a partner that I couldn't live without and I hope he couldn't live without me. Only time will tell if this ever happens.


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male, 59 y/o, Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States.
Join Date: Sep 11 2009
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I'm not completely computer illiterate, but I have a HP Pavillion that can't even access the internet, so my really good rodeo buddy Cowboy Sam set this up for me. He's single and has a gentle heart; you should really get to know him. He's a great guy but then I'm not so bad either. I'm average, pretty normal, but I've had a Forrest Gump kind of life--- at least I've seen and done alot. I'm unique, strong-willed and a slacker, a Don Quixote and Walter Mitty and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

Now, at 52 I'm on the rodeo circuit, cause I like to dance, like looking at cowboys, like hanging out with the competitors and like being part of the event. Always looking for dance partners


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male, 56 y/o, Plumerville, Arkansas, United States.
Join Date: Sep 29 2016
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Shy Hung Looking for love... But know how to play and have a good time...


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male, 49 y/o, Birmingham, Alabama, United States.
Join Date: Sep 2 2007
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Howdy guys, Looking to meet that one cowboy/country men..Soo tired of city guys. I enjoy going to IGRA rodeo's I am also working on a IGRA rodeo association here in Alabama CSGRA If y'all would like to help send me a note and I'll let you know how you can help.



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male, 55 y/o, Jacksonville, Arkansas, United States.
Join Date: May 12 2015
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54 year old Gay white male, that is easy going, fun country boy that grew up on a farm. But I am well versed in life on several realms. I have constantly had to reinvent my self several time in my life, which makes life more interesting.


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male, 48 y/o, Lineville, Alabama, United States.
Join Date: Dec 7 2016
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Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Vikings, West World, Penny Dreadful sort. Collector of figures from shows, still read books that I can hold, boots and cowboy hats always a bonus on a date. Excellent cook, donating and volunteering for fund raisers, rugby, hockey,


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male, 26 y/o, Thomasville, Georgia, United States.
Join Date: Dec 30 2016
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My name is Taylor and Im almost 21 years old and just relocated from Tallahassee Florida to Thomasville Georgia.
Graduated from college with an associates degree in June and not sure what direction I want to take my education next.


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male, 34 y/o, Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States.
Join Date: Oct 26 2016
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Looking like 2017 will have some exciting trips to rodeos across the country. Hope to meet some new friends along the way! Planning on hitting each and every one of them this time around and hoping to make some new friends along the way. Hit me up for a beer or two while on the circuit!

Big sports fan myself, so always down to go to a game, or watch one at the bar!


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male, 65 y/o, Castle Rock, Colorado, United States.
Join Date: Aug 27 2007
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Webmaster for,,, The International Gay Rodeo Association, Atlantic States Gay Rodeo Association, and the New Mexico Gay Rodeo Association, as well as numerous other websites.


male, 47 y/o, Dallas, Texas, United States.
Join Date: Jul 5 2015
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I am a "Native Californian" who moved to Texas in 2009; I do not consider myself a Texan. I maintain close ties with both Los Angeles and SoCal. I do own a small horse ranch east of Dallas, in rural north-east Texas. I do have 5 registered Tennessee walking horses, 3 lazy goats, and 5 rescued dogs.

I'm an avid Harley-Davidson rider and love my ATV'S out on the back roads of Texas. I am somewhat of a "gym rat" and health food nut.

I am a retired L.E.O, and former Gov "security contractor" who currently owns a "legal support" business in Philadelphia--but I intend to close that company soon. I do "freelance" mature modeling which "just kinda happened" one day. I did not go looking for it- it found me. It is for this reason I can be "recluse" in nature and when not with Marcus; I am out at the ranch.

I am well educated, well spoken, well groomed, and well employed. I am "progressive" in thinking- call it what you want. I interact well with all types of men for the most part. Race, body type, age makes no difference to me.

I am DIRECT-BLUNT in thought and speech.