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male, 53 y/o, Houston, Texas, United States.
Join Date: Aug 30 2007
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Live for dancing and meeting great guys. Down to earth,shy,considerate and passionate about life and friends.


male, 45 y/o, Stevensville, Michigan, United States.
Join Date: Oct 19 2014
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I'm a country boy at heart. Was raised in small town in Michigan by hard working parents who instilled that value in me as well. Worked from a young age on my Grandfathers farm and his Grain Elevator & Mill. I firmly believed your value is rated by how well you treat others.

Planning to move to Missoula, Montana in the 2-3 years.


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male, 68 y/o, Poughkeepsie, New York, United States.
Join Date: Jul 5 2017
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Mature gay white male looking for other gay/bi white male. Relationship oriented and looking for someone to have fun with. D/D free and not looking for extremely kinky things. Not into s/m , bloos, water sports or scat.


20 day(s) ago
male, 53 y/o, Phoenix, Arizona, United States.
Join Date: Sep 2 2007
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Competitive Cowboy, Good natured Friend, Gymaholic, driven, and motivated. Competitor in IGRA for 16 years. Several International Championships, but my Rodeo Family / Friends are more valuable.


male, 64 y/o, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States.
Join Date: Apr 17 2008
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My Name is Cowboy Eric AKA Truckersbuddy
If you don't like older guys like myself, please don't reply..
I moved back to Detroit Area from Albuquerque in Sept 2007
I DJ at many IGRA Rodeo's and might be in your town...
Please stop by and say howdy if you see me,I enjoy making new friends !!!!

I'm 58 and do not look it, 5ft 9in 160 lbs furry chest cut and thick and Hiv-Neg...Poz Friendly Here as well.

Seeking Cowboy,Trucker,Leather guys for buddies and good times to travel, go to rodeo's and other activities

I also DJ at Dunes Resort Resort in Saugatuck Mich,and Freedom Valley Campground New London OH as well.

I travel to other states,as well... so don't be shy :)

I was the Official DJ at HOT RODEO 2008 in Palm Springs CA May 1-4 And at Liberty Stampede in Philadelphia May 9-11
Also was DJ for North Star Regional Rodeo in Minneapolis July 4th weekend ( My 5th Time !!! ) And helped out as alternate DJ at Chicago in Aug 2008.

In 2009, I was official DJ at Cowtown Rodeo in Ft Worth Feb 27-Mar 1st.
I was DJ at Denver RMRR 27 In July 10-12
Windy City Rodeo as guest DJ with Stina Aug 21-23
Texas Tradition Rodeo 25 at San Antonio ( Seguin ) Aug 28-30
And was the DJ for IGRA Silver Anniversary Convention in Toronto Nov 11-15 at the Marriot Bloor Yorkville
In 2010 so far I will be DJ at Detroit,Chicago,and Dallas
in 2011 was DJ at Rodeo On The Rock Little Rock AR and will be DJ at Detroit and Chicago Rodeo's yet to come this year...
Will keep ya posted if anymore are confirmed.

All Members and their friends stop by and say howdy
DJ Eric


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male, 54 y/o, Kansas City, Missouri, United States.
Join Date: Sep 2 2007
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Welcome to my little piece of cyberspace! For those of you who have found yourself here on WELCOME. I created in 2002 and have been traveling to gay rodeos for the past several years. I even met my partner at the Denver Gay rodeo in 2003. (Lucky ME!) We are 100% monogamous and enjoy the company of our friends we meet and make at these wonderful rodeos.

I hope you will let me know if you plan to attend any gay rodeos so I can add you to the Rodeo pages (See "Rodeos" link at the very top of this page.) If you have any questions please feel free to contact me by sending me an email on here or by click on the contact at the bottom of any page.

We are continually changing the way profiles area looks and feels so if you have any suggestions please let us know!

Hope to see you at a Gay Rodeo sometime down the line!




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male, 26 y/o, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
Join Date: May 5 2017
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Search The Gay Cowboy for more


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male, 30 y/o, Paragould, Arkansas, United States.
Join Date: May 31 2017
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#1 good sense of humor
#2 Beautiful but More beautiful inside
#3 passionate
#4 protective


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male, 57 y/o, Plumerville, Arkansas, United States.
Join Date: Sep 29 2016
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I work hard and play even harder. Cowboy/Farmer, have a small place on a mountain. I love being nude and hidden by the pine trees. I still attend and complete in gay rodeos. I just do camp events, would like to do chute dogging again. I want to get back into two stepping and square dancing with a man.


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male, 65 y/o, Castle Rock, Colorado, United States.
Join Date: Aug 27 2007
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Webmaster for,,, The International Gay Rodeo Association, Atlantic States Gay Rodeo Association, and the New Mexico Gay Rodeo Association, as well as numerous other websites.


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male, 52 y/o, Ava, Missouri, United States.
Join Date: Oct 25 2012
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I am a 52 year old gay man. I stand 5'11" (180cm) tall and weigh 205 lbs. I have an average to muscular build, 34" waist, bearded, blond short hair, green eyes, non smoker, occasional drinker, and do not do drugs. I am healthy and HIV NEG on PReP. I feel fortunate in life for many reasons; I am following a life long dream of mine for employment and have a very settled personal life. I live out in the country on 720 remote acres and love the space. My fashion is primarily jeans and t-shirt and cowboy boots or less at times as the summer heats up (as a country boy is normally). I eat well and take good physical care of myself. Others call me an adventurer as I am always pushing to learn and experience new things. I love the outdoors and nature and relish in all activities that will take me out in it. In the summer, you might find me out on the creek floating with friends in a kayak or out hiking around the area. I am a plant enthusiast and love to have an herb garden and grow tropical plants to perennial flower beds. I like large breed dogs and my two are; a female wiemaraner and a male German Sheppard, Mocha and Thor. Another passion of mine is world traveling. I've been fortunate to be able to travel around a bit such as to south and central America, Fiji, Egypt and the Caribbean Islands. I also love carpentry and get a big kick out of building projects. I am currently building my dream solar/wind powered home on a beautiful ridge top by myself so I know my way around a hammer and a saw. I am inquisitive, got great conceptual abilities and have a unique way of figuring things out and making it work.

You might ask yourself if you are what I am looking for? You might be. I like all types of men, its all about chemistry. If we connect great! We can become good friends to maybe even something more. I strike my fancy with confident, achiever type, assertive and communicative, self supportive, masculine individuals. I have gotten to know that I like to surround myself with emotionally and physically healthy friends and got to love adventurous spirited men. If you are this man, step to the front of the line and get my attention, please. Let’s have a date and see where it leads. We can become great friends if nothing more. So, if your head is on straight and you know who you are then bring it on hit me up for a date. So you know, I am a traditionalist and believe in dating a man to get to know him and he to get know me. I am not an instant relationship type man so don’t plan renting a U-haul after the first, second or third dates. But, then in time we can discuss where we are and what we wish to come from our dating, and we can make an informed decision about our future.

Who am I?

a good friend/partner, listener, adviser, adventurer, explorer, outdoor and tropical plant enthusiast, dog owner, world traveler, successful businessman, dreamer, romancer, mid-westerner, a man's man, single, gay, straightforward, honest, ht/wt proportionate, healthy and HIV -, d/d free, non-smoker.

What I am looking for?

friendship, relationship, fun, romance, adventure, honesty, loyalty, confidence, assertiveness, good communicator, good physical and emotional health.

I am all about having fun and exploring life so my bucket list would contain:

Hang Gliding completed 2014
New Zealand completed 2014
Grecian Island Cruise
Amazon Cruise
Visit BA Argentina



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male, 34 y/o, Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States.
Join Date: Oct 26 2016
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Looking like 2017 will have some exciting trips to rodeos across the country. Hope to meet some new friends along the way! Planning on hitting each and every one of them this time around and hoping to make some new friends along the way. Hit me up for a beer or two while on the circuit!

Big sports fan myself, so always down to go to a game, or watch one at the bar!