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male, 51 y/o, Lowell, Indiana, United States.
Join Date: Aug 28 2007
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Dairy farm hand in NWI


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male, 47 y/o, Dallas, Texas, United States.
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Stats: 5'11" 240 something, 46 years olds.. Have a good job, college educated, world travel, smart ass, sarcastic and sometimes brutally honest. Life is to short to not to live.
What am I looking for? My lost shaker and salt

What am I looking for? My lost shaker and salt


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male, 71 y/o, Pomerene, Arizona, United States.
Join Date: Dec 11 2009
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Born and raised on the Puget Sound in western Washington state. Love the great outdoors in just about any location.

Lost my partner of 20 years 'bout 11 years back. Currently in an LTR that has pretty much gone south.

Planning on a major move to S. Oregon / N. California in the spring or summer of 2018 to be much closer to my kids and grandkids.

"When you give up on someone
it's not because you don't care.
It's because you realize they don't . . . "

That 'bout says all y'all need to know . . .


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male, 68 y/o, Pioneer, California, United States.
Join Date: Nov 30 2016
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Retirement is great. The freedom is wonderful. Midwestern born man who enjoys rural western life in No. CA. Want to meet new people. Good men, good conversation, horses and even some good whiskey can add up to good times. Exploring, riding or even just sitting on the deck or porch enjoying simple pleasures with friends.


male, 55 y/o, Cathedral City, California, United States.
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Hi Guys, thanks for reading this. I'm 5'8"- 140- and looking to meet some friends, and see where it goes from there.
Where are the nice, down to earth,and some one that he is not in to BS ,and playing games (JUST BE REAL). Is there any man out there like that?

I'll be going to the Rodeoes in US, so I will be seeing you at the Rodeo, come and say hi, if you know me.
Love you all.

I'll be at Phoenix, Arizona Rodeo (Jan 17-21), hope to see you there.


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male, 65 y/o, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.
Join Date: Jun 21 2016
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(No hablo español. Je parle français.)

I'm retired and looking for a life partner, and in the meantime maybe some NSA. I'm financially self-sufficient, and looking for someone who is self-sufficient and geographically mobile.

I live in Fredericton, but I travel a lot and I want to move to a temperate climate in the USA or elsewhere. I'll be in Texas approx Oct 21-Nov 11 (Finals rodeo), in Montreal/Ottawa Aug 17-20 (Plein Bois, Pride), and in Montreal Aug 31-Sep 5 (Fetish Weekend). I also travel to Portland ME & Nova Scotia.

Most of my pix were taken in 2016. I've gained some weight since then; I'm now 205 lbs (92kg). I'm very hairy, uncut and well-endowed, but you don't need to be.

I'm not looking for most hook-ups. I'd like to get some BDSM experience as a sub/boy. I have fetishes for cowboys, leather, muscle, boots. I like "losing" at wrestling.

I'm HIV- (July 2018), on PrEP and pretty healthy. I rarely drink and I don't do drugs.

I'm FuzzyMBear on Silver Daddies and Recon (which is detailed). I'm Fuzzy on Scruff and Growlr and Francis Young (Fuzzy) on Facebook.



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male, 30 y/o, Waco, Texas, United States.
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love meeting new people. I'm a tad shy at first but seem to loosen up once I get comfortable.


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male, 53 y/o, Hobart, Oklahoma, United States.
Join Date: Feb 25 2017
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what to say, uh, well, I am just a guy, who is very honest, sincere, that is not afraid to cry at a sad movie, and not afraid to admit it. I have finally "came out", I wore a mask all my life. so, in this very small town, I did what was expected of me. I got married, had 2 amazing sons, but, couldn't keep lying to myself, so after 28yrs, got divorced. I am open now about who I am, and that is gay and proud of that. I won't ever be ashamed of that, or afraid of it. I am who I am, and accept me or not, I am still me. My son's are 22 and 27 yrs old, and know all about me being gay. when I told them, they said that they may not like it, but, it is who I am, and they still love me and I am still in their lives, so that I am very thankful for. I want to find a guy who I can love, and who will love me in return. I am not after 1 nighters, and I am definitely not into drugs. I want other guy friends, that, I can associate with, talk with, go out with, enjoy being friends with, and just be friends. maybe one of those would turn into something deeper, but, who knows....I spent a lot of time being made to feel ashamed of who I am, I won't feel like that anymore. I have zero tolerance for abuse, and I will never, ever do that to anyone else! Yes, I have dreams of the future with a guy that we can love each other, share a life together, and a home...cause single life is just a couple, not a duo.....just 1.....


male, 53 y/o, Rockwall, Texas, United States.
Join Date: Oct 3 2011
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Masculine man with professional job in big city but have maintained my country values. Sports and animal lover. Love to laugh and try to leave a good impression with everyone I meet.

I was raised in a rural area where agriculture was part of everyone’s life. It is the values and masculinity that comes from that environment that I still find appealing. Men looked a certain way and that was not designer labels or funny looking shoes but Wranglers and boots that you could work in. Nothing makes a man’s butt look better than a pair of Wranglers! Sorry had to break it up as I was getting too serious.


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male, 44 y/o, Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States.
Join Date: Aug 23 2011
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Fun loving guy, with a variety of interests.


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male, 67 y/o, New York, New York, United States.
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Scenic artist (I paint backdrops for Broadway shows), muscular gym body looking for mature, intelligent men , in good shape, any age!


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male, 61 y/o, Cincinnati, Ohio, United States.
Join Date: Aug 31 2007
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I am a very hairy guy with a shaved head, go-t, blu, ht/wt prop. and have a good sense of humor. I get to the gym 3x a week and go to the gay rodeos whenever possible. Have met many great people at the rodeos while making a few good friends. I also volunteer at the rodeos and compete in Calf Roping on Foot and someday will try the Goat Dressing event. I'm the outdoorsy type,play gay softball in Cincinnati and chair the local gay and lesbian employee network at my place of employment. I love my job (s). Hit me up for chat sometime, am very single here in the midwest. I am looking to make new friends and have fun wherever I travel to. Mr. Right would be nice to find too.