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male, 56 y/o, Austin, Texas, United States.
Join Date: Aug 30 2007
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In Dallas April 9-11, 2010
Fort Laudedale April 15-19, 2010

46, 6'5, 220, brn/blu, stache, laid back easy going


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male, 52 y/o, Lowell, Indiana, United States.
Join Date: Aug 28 2007
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Dairy farm hand in NWI


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male, 56 y/o, Fort Worth, Texas, United States.
Join Date: Sep 2 2007
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Masc, fun & outgoing guy who enjoys outdoors, sports, music, travel and good food. Enjoy making new friends from all over.


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male, 72 y/o, Pomerene, Arizona, United States.
Join Date: Dec 11 2009
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Born and raised on the Puget Sound in western Washington state. Love the great outdoors in just about any location.

Lost my partner of 20 years 'bout 11 years back. Currently in an LTR that has pretty much gone south.

Planning on a major move to S. Oregon / N. California in the spring or summer of 2018 to be much closer to my kids and grandkids.

"When you give up on someone
it's not because you don't care.
It's because you realize they don't . . . "

That 'bout says all y'all need to know . . .


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male, 48 y/o, Dallas, Texas, United States.
Join Date: Sep 2 2007
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Stats: 5'11" 240 something, 46 years olds.. Have a good job, college educated, world travel, smart ass, sarcastic and sometimes brutally honest. Life is to short to not to live.
What am I looking for? My lost shaker and salt

What am I looking for? My lost shaker and salt


male, 46 y/o, Phoenix, Arizona, United States.
Join Date: Jan 3 2011
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Exploring... Enjoy going to the rodeo and making friends. I've been getting into photography and have been taking pictures at not only some of the rodeo events lately but some of the HomoRodeo events that I am able to attend. Thank you Harley for allowing me to do this. I always welcome anyone who wants to show me different techniques and pointers.

I'm looking to have fun, both sexually and non sexually. Furry Body, Facial Hair & Beefy are all major bonus points but not necessary. I am learning to expand my horizons both in and out of the proverbial bedroom. I am 100% bottom if it gets to that.

I have been going to the gym a little but feel lost. Anyone willing to help direct me in the right direction?

Realize just because you tested negative on your last HIV test doesn't mean you are good to go. Especially if you tested more than 2 to 3 months ago.

I have been HIV+ for 15 years and am undetectable.



male, 69 y/o, Pioneer, California, United States.
Join Date: Nov 30 2016
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Retirement is great. The freedom is wonderful. Midwestern born man who enjoys rural western life in No. CA. Want to meet new people. Good men, good conversation, horses and even some good whiskey can add up to good times. Exploring, riding or even just sitting on the deck or porch enjoying simple pleasures with friends.


male, 57 y/o, Denver, Colorado, United States.
Join Date: Oct 16 2010
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Originally from the Midwest, been in Las Vegas for 10 years.


male, 56 y/o, Cathedral City, California, United States.
Join Date: Aug 28 2007
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Hi Guys, thanks for reading this. I'm 5'8"- 140- and looking to meet some friends, and see where it goes from there.
Where are the nice, down to earth,and some one that he is not in to BS ,and playing games (JUST BE REAL). Is there any man out there like that?

I'll be going to the Rodeoes in US, so I will be seeing you at the Rodeo, come and say hi, if you know me.
Love you all.

I'll be at Phoenix, Arizona Rodeo (Jan 17-21), hope to see you there.


male, 45 y/o, Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States.
Join Date: Aug 23 2011
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Fun loving guy, with a variety of interests.


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male, 37 y/o, Denver, Colorado, United States.
Join Date: Aug 8 2011
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Enjoy traveling to Rodeo's to chat, party, and dance with all the cowboys and the rodeo watcher like me.
One thing you will find out everyone knows Zak.


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male, 49 y/o, Dallas, Texas, United States.
Join Date: Jul 5 2015
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I am a "Native Californian" who moved to Texas in 2009; I do not consider myself a Texan. I maintain close ties with both Los Angeles and SoCal. I do own a small horse ranch east of Dallas, in rural north-east Texas. I do have 5 registered Tennessee walking horses, 3 lazy goats, and 5 rescued dogs.

I'm an avid Harley-Davidson rider and love my ATV'S out on the back roads of Texas. I am somewhat of a "gym rat" and health food nut.

I am a retired L.E.O, and former Gov "security contractor" who currently owns a "legal support" business in Philadelphia--but I intend to close that company soon. I do "freelance" mature modeling which "just kinda happened" one day. I did not go looking for it- it found me. It is for this reason I can be "recluse" in nature and when not with Marcus; I am out at the ranch.

I am well educated, well spoken, well groomed, and well employed. I am "progressive" in thinking- call it what you want. I interact well with all types of men for the most part. Race, body type, age makes no difference to me.

I am DIRECT-BLUNT in thought and speech.