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male, 55 y/o, Austin, Texas, United States.
Join Date: Aug 30 2007
Photos: 7

In Dallas April 9-11, 2010
Fort Laudedale April 15-19, 2010

46, 6'5, 220, brn/blu, stache, laid back easy going


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male, 71 y/o, Pomerene, Arizona, United States.
Join Date: Dec 11 2009
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Born and raised on the Puget Sound in western Washington state. Love the great outdoors in just about any location.

Lost my partner of 20 years 'bout 11 years back. Currently in an LTR that has pretty much gone south.

Planning on a major move to S. Oregon / N. California in the spring or summer of 2018 to be much closer to my kids and grandkids.

"When you give up on someone
it's not because you don't care.
It's because you realize they don't . . . "

That 'bout says all y'all need to know . . .


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male, 45 y/o, Phoenix, Arizona, United States.
Join Date: Jan 3 2011
Photos: 22

Exploring... Enjoy going to the rodeo and making friends. I've been getting into photography and have been taking pictures at not only some of the rodeo events lately but some of the HomoRodeo events that I am able to attend. Thank you Harley for allowing me to do this. I always welcome anyone who wants to show me different techniques and pointers.

I'm looking to have fun, both sexually and non sexually. Furry Body, Facial Hair & Beefy are all major bonus points but not necessary. I am learning to expand my horizons both in and out of the proverbial bedroom. I am 100% bottom if it gets to that.

I have been going to the gym a little but feel lost. Anyone willing to help direct me in the right direction?

Realize just because you tested negative on your last HIV test doesn't mean you are good to go. Especially if you tested more than 2 to 3 months ago.

I have been HIV+ for 15 years and am undetectable.


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male, 46 y/o, Alexandria, Virginia, United States.
Join Date: Aug 30 2007
Photos: 13

I'm 6'1" 175lbs with blue eyes and buzz cut hair. I grow a beard in the winter and just have a goatee in the summer.

I'm an easy-going, laid back kind of fella and open and honest. What you see is what you get and what I say is what I mean.

I love country dancing, horseback riding, swimming, camping, hiking and volunteering for the occasional rodeo. I also write a blog on LGBT issues and country music reviews.

I'm looking for whatever may come along: chat buddies, rodeo buddies, dating. I enjoy meeting and talking with all kinds of folks, so don't be afraid to give a holler. I've met some great people through rodeo.



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male, 44 y/o, Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States.
Join Date: Aug 23 2011
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Fun loving guy, with a variety of interests.


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couple, 38 y/o, Montpelier, Idaho, United States.
Join Date: Nov 11 2018
Photos: 13

Two guys enjoying the great west. Love the mountains, meadows, forests, and rivers out here ina nd around Idaho.



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couple, 37 y/o, Denver, Colorado, United States.
Join Date: Oct 16 2018
Photos: 14

Rich (53) and I (Ryan)(37)

Always up to making new friends...

I’m the secretary of the gay 4x4 club 4-players of Colorado, Cgra and NMGra members, my Daddy Rich is president of NMGra, team captain of my gay dart league.

love 4 wheeling in my jeep (Ajax), riding Harley's, camping with friends, pretty much anything to do with the outdoors!! love BBQ with friends, movies, sports, travel, good food, darts, beer/drinks, and most of just spending time with friends..

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86% Submissive
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72% Slave
64% Degradee
49% Masochist
49% Brat
48% Primal (Prey)
48% Pet
46% Ageplayer
46% Rigger
44% Sadist
42% Daddy/Mommy
41% Primal (Hunter)
38% Degrader
37% Switch
36% Owner
30% Master/Mistress
28% Dominant
17% Vanilla
10% Brat tamer


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male, 60 y/o, Calverton, New York, United States.
Join Date: May 6 2018
Photos: 45

I am a down to earth , hard working guy. I am focused and usually see my vision to reality.
My home base is on the beautiful north shore of Long Island, NY, I also divide my time at my second home in the west valley of Phoenix. It is Az where I escape ,to decompress for the stresses of NY.


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male, 39 y/o, New Bloomfield, Pennsylvania, United States.
Join Date: Nov 13 2018
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I'm Adam, I'm the president and founder of the Keystone State Gay Rodeo Association. I'm very recently single and looking for new friends, dates, and ultimately a relationship with someone with similar interests.

I own, ride, care for and show and rodeo with my 11 horses. Often on weekends I can be found traveling to IGRA rodeos, camping and trail riding with my horses or enjoying the outdoors in some way.

When I was 11 years old, I was diagnosed with a spinal cord tumor inside my spinal cord. I was told by the doctors that if I did not have it removed, it would eventually paralyze me and if I had it removed that I would have a 50/50 chance of walking again. I had the surgery to remove the tumor and have been a paraplegic since. My disability has not stopped me in anyway, I still live a very normal life, working, riding, driving, and taking care of my horses myself.

I also very much enjoy working on projects and doing my own maintenance. In the past year, I have completely overhauled a 72 passenger school bus and turned it into a toterhome to haul the horses to events and camp in and done several other projects of replacing parts on my horse trailers.


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male, 55 y/o, Salt Lake City, Utah, United States.
Join Date: Sep 2 2007
Photos: 54

5'10", about 185 lbs, blue eyed country boy from Bald Knob, Arkansas living in the wilds of Salt Lake City since 2000 due to a job transfer. I loved the west so much I stayed. No ties to Salt Lake though it's a good location to travel from and I have a good job here but I'd much rather be out in the country. My kids are grown. Divorced from a woman AND a man. Not in a hurry to try either again but not opposed to it. Just looking for adventure out on the road and as many friends as I can make to help me shake off the trail dust.


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male, 35 y/o, College Park, Maryland, United States.
Join Date: Apr 16 2012
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Laid back guy just checking things out. Don't know what else to say here, but I'll come back and add more later.


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male, 66 y/o, Castle Rock, Texas, United States.
Join Date: Aug 27 2007
Photos: 35

Webmaster for,,, The International Gay Rodeo Association, Atlantic States Gay Rodeo Association, and the New Mexico Gay Rodeo Association, as well as numerous other websites.