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male, 56 y/o, Cathedral City, California, United States.
Join Date: Aug 28 2007
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Hi Guys, thanks for reading this. I'm 5'8"- 140- and looking to meet some friends, and see where it goes from there.
Where are the nice, down to earth,and some one that he is not in to BS ,and playing games (JUST BE REAL). Is there any man out there like that?

I'll be going to the Rodeoes in US, so I will be seeing you at the Rodeo, come and say hi, if you know me.
Love you all.

I'll be at Phoenix, Arizona Rodeo (Jan 17-21), hope to see you there.


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male, 47 y/o, Los Angeles, California, United States.
Join Date: Apr 27 2018
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enjoy having a man to have lots of mansex, bullshitting, riding in my truck partying good,having mansex where ever! i want that is akin out etc! boots leather ...


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male, 29 y/o, Sacramento, California, United States.
Join Date: May 2 2018
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I consider my self a pretty regular dude living in the northern part of California. Wanting to meet new people. I like being outdoors as much as I like staying home. Coffee lover. Food enthusiast (cooking and eating). I like good conversations and a nice glass of wine or whisky or a good shot of tequila. Big heart and big smiles. Would like to meet other men with similar interests.


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male, 47 y/o, San Diego, California, United States.
Join Date: Jan 13 2018
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I’m a masculine, tatooed latino that likes going to the movies, go out for a drink with friends and eating out. I have been been working for the school district for 23 years and plan to retire at 55 (which is in 8 years l! :)


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male, 57 y/o, Sahuarita, Arizona, United States.
Join Date: Jul 30 2012
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Values, Respect, and Kindness. These are the things that I have pride in. I am a retired Delivery Driver from an large food distributor. 30 years of driving truck. I was bored and raised in the Central Valley of California. Grew up and worked on my family farm. Milked cows, harvest crops, and help take care of 40 acres. Where I grew up was a town called Hughson. Population at that time was 2000. Everyone knew everyone, everyone helped each other. We waved going down the streets. Kinda like the Waltons. If you would like to know more about myself. My life is an open book. I will give you my honest opinion, I will give you 100% truth. I do not lie. Never understood people that did. So feel free to say howdy.


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male, 61 y/o, Cincinnati, Ohio, United States.
Join Date: Aug 31 2007
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I am a very hairy guy with a shaved head, go-t, blu, ht/wt prop. and have a good sense of humor. I get to the gym 3x a week and go to the gay rodeos whenever possible. Have met many great people at the rodeos while making a few good friends. I also volunteer at the rodeos and compete in Calf Roping on Foot and someday will try the Goat Dressing event. I'm the outdoorsy type,play gay softball in Cincinnati and chair the local gay and lesbian employee network at my place of employment. I love my job (s). Hit me up for chat sometime, am very single here in the midwest. I am looking to make new friends and have fun wherever I travel to. Mr. Right would be nice to find too.



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male, 60 y/o, Calverton, New York, United States.
Join Date: May 6 2018
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I am a down to earth , hard working guy. I am focused and usually see my vision to reality.
My home base is on the beautiful north shore of Long Island, NY, I also divide my time at my second home in the west valley of Phoenix. It is Az where I escape ,to decompress for the stresses of NY.


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male, 48 y/o, Modena, Emilia-Romagna, Italy.
Join Date: Aug 26 2007
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So, here a guy from Italy that was born in the wrong place, I don't know how the stork had confused Italy with the western america. I'm an alien here!
Back from another trip and another rodeo and looking forward to come back , fort lauderdale next april... I've got a rope here and i have to learn to use it meanwhile
I rode a horse in the NM desert with 2 cowboys teaching me... I took pics not to think it was only a dream. thanks a lot Ruffein!
Also a fan of country western dance, yeah, it sounds weird but we dance it in where i live and in Europe generally.
I really miss all the friends around the rodeos, looking forward to hug you all again.

knock...knock.. is there anyone in Europe into rodeos??..... what a silence...


male, 36 y/o, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States.
Join Date: Oct 26 2016
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Hit me up for a beer or two while on the circuit!

Big sports fan myself, so always down to go to a game, or watch one at the bar!

Yes I need to update this, in the meantime, send me aessage instead.


male, 29 y/o, Saint Louis, Missouri, United States.
Join Date: Feb 26 2018
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I'm a fun, energetic and sometimes sarcastic guy with quick wit and passion for living life to the fullest. A man of many talents and passions that center around story telling (via my podcast), performing on stage and helping film for a YouTube channel. Football and baseball are the sports I enjoy most but am not limited to just enjoying those.


male, 46 y/o, Pleasanton, California, United States.
Join Date: Jun 14 2017
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Just an easy going guy,
Self contained and supporting, with an adventure mind.


male, 35 y/o, Brooklyn, New York, United States.
Join Date: Jul 17 2018
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i am very easy going as a person, chilled to the core. I enjoy life. I don't how ever do the green eyed monster, nor confrontation, as i feel these actions belong to the weak and needy of this world, which i am not. I love humor, its good to laugh, good for the soul. I don't have a set pattern for what i do in my spare time, i just go for, which can turn out to be very interesting lol. I enjoy meeting people and always feel at ease in company i don't know. I am honest, with ability to say whats on my mind and I am looking initially for friendship/long term relationship hopefully leading to more down the road. My ideal partner would be someone confident with themselves happy with their life but feels they would like someone to share it with.But most of all i would like to meet someone honest and genuine who is not afraid to say what they think.