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male, 58 y/o, Plumerville, Arkansas, United States.
Join Date: Sep 29 2016
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I work hard and play even harder. Cowboy/Farmer, have a small place on a mountain. I love being nude and hidden by the pine trees. I still attend and complete in gay rodeos. I just do camp events, would like to do chute dogging again. I want to get back into two stepping and square dancing with a man.


male, 36 y/o, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States.
Join Date: Oct 26 2016
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Hit me up for a beer or two while on the circuit!

Big sports fan myself, so always down to go to a game, or watch one at the bar!

Yes I need to update this, in the meantime, send me aessage instead.


male, 56 y/o, Shirley, Indiana, United States.
Join Date: Nov 13 2016
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Work in construction, renovating and landscaping are special too me. Easy going level headed and single. Love to Cook and BarBQue.


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couple, 53 y/o, Salt Lake City, Utah, United States.
Join Date: Apr 20 2018
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Enjoy work week in the city and weekends at the country house or traveling. Road trips in the car to attend a rodeo, cruise with friends, riding my Harley, or 4 wheel in the mountains all bring a smile. Cast Iron cooking in my wranglers to a black tie cocktail dinner party...always excited for dessert.


male, 28 y/o, Garland, Texas, United States.
Join Date: Mar 28 2018
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Current member of TGRA looking to make friends.


male, 46 y/o, Arlington, Virginia, United States.
Join Date: Jun 11 2018
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I connect best with booted men who enjoy the outdoors.



male, 53 y/o, Chicago, Illinois, United States.
Join Date: Apr 10 2018
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Single guy looking for a long term relationship been single for five years amicable break up


couple, 53 y/o, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States.
Join Date: Apr 26 2018
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Love guys with hairy chests, hairy legs, and/or hairy asses (and preferably all of the above!).

Travel often throughout US and Canada for work. When I'm home, I live in downtown Minneapolis with my partner, Darien. We both love hairy guys and both love to have some fun (especially with hairy guys!).

Be warned: Tequila makes my clothes fall off... Vodka makes my clothes fall off... Pretty much anything can make my clothes fall off. Not at all inhibited (so apologies if you don't like big guys who are not afraid to show it all... and, quite possibly/preferably, do it in public).

I'm not into any sort of roles (dom/sub, alpha/omega, daddy/son, chubby/chaser, etc.). I like people of all ages for who they are and treat everyone as equals. While you might be one of those things or you might be looking for one of those things, I'd really appreciate you not using any of those words with me or in regard to me. I guarantee you that I will never use any of those words with you or in regard to you (regardless of our respective ages, sizes, or interests). You're a person, not a role and so am I. Thanks!

By the way, if you can't access my Tumblr page, it's because Tumblr's "Safe Mode" is on by default. Safe Mode is on to hide "sensitive content" from people accidentally seeing it. To view my Tumblr page, you must be logged in to Tumblr (so that Tumblr knows you're over 18) *AND* you have to turn safe mode off.

If you're trying to access my Tumblr using a web browser, you should see the message "This Tumblr may contain sensitive media". Click the "Safe mode is on link". Tumblr will make you login. Once you login, Tumblr will display the account settings screen. In the "Filtering" section, switch "Safe Mode" off.

If you're trying to access my Tumblr from within the Tumblr app, the process is pretty much the same. I'm on an android phone. For me to turn it off, I go into the Tumblr app, tap the person icon on the button bar at the bottom right of the screen. Then I click the gear icon at the top right of the next screen to go into the account settings. At the top of the account settings page, I tap "General settings". Under general settings, I tap "Filtering". Inside filtering you can turn "Safe Mode" off.

Hope that helps! Happy viewing! You can message me here or through Tumblr. Hope to hear from all the hairy cowboys out there. Really looking forward to attending the gay rodeo this summer in Minneapolis.


male, 35 y/o, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States.
Join Date: Jul 13 2018
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I work in the arts. I am an outgoing guy. I am 420 friendly. And I like hanging out with friends.


male, 50 y/o, Columbus, Ohio, United States.
Join Date: Jun 25 2018
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Looking to connect


male, 38 y/o, Palmdale, California, United States.
Join Date: Feb 2 2018
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Sweet guy who loves to satisfy men, and enjoy everything the world has to offer.

Password for all of my private pics is: Hunk22

Winner of the Daddy's Reviews 2015 "Escort Of The Year", and now currently up for 16 award nominations for Raven's Eden. Includes "Performer Of The Year", and "Best Escort".


male, 49 y/o, Norwalk, California, United States.
Join Date: Apr 17 2018
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B O T T O M. 210lbs. 5’8” Negative.