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male, 66 y/o, Alsip, Illinois, United States.
Join Date: Nov 10 2010
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Fun loving guy here. Live in Alsip. IL, a south suburb of Chicago, and travel for a living. I can usually get to your town! I am looking for friends and buddies over 45, and hoping Mr. Right will come along someday. You know, the kind of guy that sweeps you off your feet and you know he's the one!! HIV+, undetectable and healthy. Love to kiss, cuddle, versatile bottom, p***ers. Prefer guys over 40. Write me and I promise to write back! ...Thanks! Contact me if you would like to meet for coffee, a drink, a meal, etc. I am back in the Chicago area now. Friends first now. My pix, courtesy of Greg Hicks Photography...thanks, Greg!

Any of you who are poz or who have other health problems need to ask me about Vemma and Verve.

Lake Buena Vista, FL 12/3-7.


male, 51 y/o, Buchanan, North Dakota, United States.
Join Date: Aug 17 2008
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Gotta love the prairie to live here. My grandmother homestead in northern South Dakota and was full of "Little House on the Prairie" stories. She said it was a beautiful, but incredibly lonely place.
I always thought Montana was big sky country until I moved here. The rolling hills, the horizon, with its beautiful sunrises and sunsets and the colors of the seasons all make it beautiful. I grew up near Duluth of stoic, Swedish stock and spent most my life in the woods of NW Wisconsin. I thought I would miss the trees more, but have grown to love the haunted and sometimes unforgiving prairie.


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male, 43 y/o, Manassas, Virginia, United States.
Join Date: Oct 4 2010
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Just an average guy. Really enjoy the outdoors, anything is better when you can do it out in nature.


male, 71 y/o, Cowgill, Missouri, United States.
Join Date: Jul 4 2008
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I'm a masculine fella who believes in the Cowboy Creed. I am honest, loving and caring. I am not a city slicker, but I have traveled around the world and I am well educated. I live a modest life, in rural Missouri. I am healthy, HIV Negative and have killler blue eyes. I retired early and gained much weight, ended up kinda big bear like. I have been working weights and treadmill to lower the poundage, and am still not where I want to end up. I like good looking masculine men. I don't like effeminate men. I won't put up with drama.


male, 61 y/o, Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States.
Join Date: Sep 11 2009
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I'm not completely computer illiterate, but I have a HP Pavillion that can't even access the internet, so my really good rodeo buddy Cowboy Sam set this up for me. He's single and has a gentle heart; you should really get to know him. He's a great guy but then I'm not so bad either. I'm average, pretty normal, but I've had a Forrest Gump kind of life--- at least I've seen and done alot. I'm unique, strong-willed and a slacker, a Don Quixote and Walter Mitty and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

Now, at 52 I'm on the rodeo circuit, cause I like to dance, like looking at cowboys, like hanging out with the competitors and like being part of the event. Always looking for dance partners


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male, 49 y/o, Carrollton, Texas, United States.
Join Date: May 11 2007
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I love rodeos and those hot men that participate in them!



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male, 55 y/o, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
Join Date: Jul 26 2011
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'Just an easy going, down to earth kinda' guy trying to enjoy each day as it comes.

Like the great outdoors, walks, hiking, rugby, aviation and flying, architecture and history, seeing new places, trying new things and meeting new friends... pretty much your regular everyday rodeo cowboy leatherman flyboy!


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male, 55 y/o, Nashville, Tennessee, United States.
Join Date: Aug 25 2007
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Small town southern guy. Now living in Nashville, but love getting to the farm when I can.


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male, 56 y/o, Columbia, Missouri, United States.
Join Date: Jul 30 2010
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Used to attend IGRA rodeos very regularly but drifted away while I was in a relationship. That ended several years ago and I need to get back to things I used to enjoy doing for me. Hopefully 2018/19 will find me reconnecting with all the wonderful men I used to see and meeting lots of new men that enjoy IGRA


male, 62 y/o, Belleview, Florida, United States.
Join Date: Oct 10 2017
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61, 6', 220, 36" waist, mod. hairy body, clean, masculine, clean cut looking, non smoker, HIV negative, disease and drug free. Retired military O. Have integrity, a values system, honest, friendly, Christian, work hard, play hard, outgoing, world traveler, laid back, easy going, faithful, honest, caring and loyal. Love family, friends, God and country. Looking to meet similar.

Thank you to all active duty, retired and veterans of our military, law enforcement officers (LEOs) and all first responders.
Carpe diem .Semper fi.


male, 48 y/o, San Diego, California, United States.
Join Date: May 26 2018
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Born and Raised in Wisconsin
Lived in Las Vegas 1996-99
San Diego 1999 to present
See interests


male, 63 y/o, Salt Lake City, California, United States.
Join Date: Aug 18 2016
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Retired Trucker living in San Franccisco, CA, A Preacher Kid and looking for a new adventure, new friends.
The best description of me is Just A Plain Average Joe! If you want to know something ask it is a lots easier answering request. If you looking for John Wayne or some Gay Stallion or Bunny that not me. I am very laid back easy going and happy with just sitting around having a cup of coffee or a Gatorade. I hope to meet some great guys here who do not have to be at a bar 7 days per week because I am not a bar person and I can not dance. My ideal person would be a person is some one I can learn to trust and do things with as friends. I would love to learn to ride that been a fantasy of mine since I never got a chance as a young guy. As I said I as A Preacher Kid but all my life I was raised up on or around farms, dairies and love to be around animals. So I hope this a general ideal who and about myself.